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The battle3!!!!!!!!!

2007-09-21 21:13:53 by Clayyviwage

I worked my ass off converting this to swf like i said im a noob but now i now how to do it conversions faster. Dont belive me? Just look for my name at the end of the credits its only up for 1 sec so just right click it to read it

Clayytown 9 delayed

2007-09-19 01:57:48 by Clayyviwage

Its gonna be delayed for a awile because of school :( so It shoulld be up around Friday to as late as sunday also thiers some problem with me importing my movies I tried to convert a movie for one of my friends today but its not working also how do you add sound to your movies?

Clayytown 9:ADVENTURE!!

2007-09-17 01:25:46 by Clayyviwage

I thought that the clayytown i submitted would get blammed but it didnt!!!!! So im more motivated to make anew one this one will be better(hopefully) with the sound not cut out and stuff and better plot WOOO!
*Update 9-14-07*
UGH schools dragging me down 3 long sheets a day due every day
anyway on the movie I just need to get the script done then I can start animating! that'll be my last submisson unlit flash 8 gets here right now im using a free 30 day trail.

Clayytown 8

2007-09-16 17:18:43 by Clayyviwage

Clayytown 8 is the first clayytown ever to be on newgrounds and I hope it wont get blammed but if it is no biggie ill just make it better
Watch it here

Clayytown 8


2007-09-07 04:23:54 by Clayyviwage

I'll have some up by fridayy hopefully they'll be some what good and you guys and all your kindness wont blam it. It's about Umm a magi koopa fighting a bandit guy yay!