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Clayytown 9:ADVENTURE!!

2007-09-17 01:25:46 by Clayyviwage

I thought that the clayytown i submitted would get blammed but it didnt!!!!! So im more motivated to make anew one this one will be better(hopefully) with the sound not cut out and stuff and better plot WOOO!
*Update 9-14-07*
UGH schools dragging me down 3 long sheets a day due every day
anyway on the movie I just need to get the script done then I can start animating! that'll be my last submisson unlit flash 8 gets here right now im using a free 30 day trail.


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2007-09-17 02:05:15

congrats on making it past judgment ^^ just watched the one flash you made (well claymation) and aye its pretty good! just work a bit more in flash next time (like over the movie add some speech bubbles and shit, fluff it up a little) but hey a score of 2.48 aint bad at all ^^

Clayyviwage responds:

lol it was already premade i just imported it in to flash and added a preloader Im a noob at flash :P


2007-09-17 09:06:37

I LOVE PIE!!!!!!

Clayyviwage responds:



2007-09-17 09:38:09



2009-05-17 14:49:14

Good Luck dude. :3


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